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Join five 1st timers as they set foot on a cruise ship for the very first time.

Now with a weekly live CRUISE show right here

We had a wild and crazy idea...

"Let's all go on a cruise and live stream the entire event..."


Hi, I'm Matt,


So, one day I was thinking about going on a cruise on a cruise ship. I didn't know much about cruising and cruise ships but I had heard that it was a lot of fun.

I got my roommates and friends together and planned the trip. Then an Idea struck me. One of my friends was pretty good with technology and a camera, hey, wouldn't it be fun to document the whole experience live on the internet and allow people watching to also talk to us, give us advice and guide us both on and off the ship on our 7 day voyage... 


and CruiseWeek.TV was born...


We covered every inch of the Carnival magic on our 1st cruise and recorded it all.....

After that 1st amazing cruise, we plan on taking 5 more first time cruisers in October 2017. This time we plan on even more live cameras like the 24/7 Cabin camera, nightly interactive chats with everyone watching, Group podcasts and interviews with guests and crew, oh and the best part. We are picking 5 random people (guys and girls) who apply so they won't even know each other till they meet on the cruise. Cruiseweek season 2 will be amazing.

Till then we do a weekly web show right here where we learn all about cruising by bringing on top cruise guests and inviting you to ask them questions and learn from their experiences.


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A Weekly live webshow

A weekly live web show every Saturday at 8 pm eastern where we talk to guests and learn from their cruising experiences while letting you ask them questions and we all learn together. Click the image below to view the shows

Do you want to be on the show for season 2?

We are now casting 1st time cruisers for season 2 shooting in October 2017

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