Where are we going?

We will be sailing out of one of Miami on the Carnival Vista headed for the Caribbean, it will be a 7 day voyage and we will have stops along the way, 

You will get to experience foreign countries and all the fun things a cruise ship has to offer all while getting to bond with your new roommates for the week. There will be 5 of you, a mix of male and female all sharing one large suite.

Day 1: Meet in Miami where you will actually meet the 4 other members of the cast that you will be spending the next week with. We will take you to eat so you can chat and get to know each other before heading to the hotel to rest up for the night.

Day2: Head to the ship: Your 1st look at the carnival Vista as you get your blue newbie cruise tags and head onto the ship, a LOT of people will already know you by this time so expect to have a lot of guests saying hi to you. We set sail at 4:30 pm

Day 3: A fun day at sea: Explore the ship, talk and make friends onboard, hit the water slides and enjoy all the food that carnival has to offer.

Day 4: Ocho Rios: Your first stop outside the USA, you ain't in Kansas anymore. Get to meet the locals and we have a few things planned. It's back on the ship in the evening for more food and fun as we set sail to our next destination.

Day 5: Grand Cayman: It's up early again, not that you will have had much time to sleep because another Caribbean island awaits you.

Day 6: Cozumel: We saved the biggest party for last, the fun party city of Cozumel awaits you and all the fun you will have here.

Day 7: A fun day at sea: The port visits may be over but the fun is still happening on the ship as you spent the day at shows, tours, the water slides and doing all the things you haven't had time to do so far on your wild and crazy vacation.

Day 8: Arrive back in Miami: Whew it's over but what an amazing once in a lifetime adventure and guess what, no one else can say every second of their vacation was recorded by a camera crew, what bragging rights.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • You must be 21-28 years old male or female.

  • You must have an active Youtube channel that you are updating at least weekly and have over 10,000 subscribers.

  • You must have never been on an cruise ship before ( we will check )

  • Outgoing friendly personality and able to express yourself

  • You must be able to take 7-9 days off and be available for the cruise Oct 28 - Nov 4th 2017

  • You must be willing to be live streamed and recorded at any time on the cruise

  • You must be willing to take part in the group chat each day and talk about your experiences

  • You must be able to make your way to Florida for the cruise and home again if you are outside the state.

  • You must have a valid USA birth certificate or Passport

We will be taking 2 guys, 2 girls and one youtuber or YouNower on this cruise of a lifetime. Will that  be you?

As part of the cast you still be able to record and upload youtube content as often as you like as long as it isn't interfering with the activities scheduled for the Cruiseweek cast. However you will NOT be allowed to livestream during the time on the ship or at ports as that will conflict with our live stream. you may tell people about our live stream and allow them to watch you on it.

Meet us in Orlando at Playlist Live May 5-7th

Everyone loves their 1st ever cruise and we want to take you on one.

After the amazing success of CruiseWeek Season 1 we are planning season 2 right now.

Imagine leaving Miami with 4 other strangers on board Carnivals BIGGEST ship, the Carnival Vista, stepping on for the very 1st time to experience cruising and 7 days of ultimate luxury all while visiting fun places like Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman islands and the party city of Cozumel, all while having a camera crew following and documenting your entire trip? Imagine still being able to do your usual youtube updates uninterrupted, imagine the excitement of your fans.
Well that's what we are offering one lucky upcoming youtuber.

What is expected of me?

Well 1st is to have the most amazing adventure of your life!!

But yes, you will be expected to do a few extra things while on your cruise.

  • Of course be on camera for 7 days.

  • Keep a daily video blog of what you're feeling on the trip and explain your interaction with the other cast.

  • Have nightly group chats on camera with Matt, the host explaining and talking about your day

  • Stay in a group for certain activities and meals.

  • Don't do anything to embarrass us or Carnival.

Sounds amazing, how do I apply ?

Well your 1st part of your application will consist of filling out some online forms but most importantly, you will be submitting a video of yourself telling us a personal story of something important that happened in your life to you personally, it can be happy or sad, it's up to you, we want to see how you can explain things on camera as you will be experiencing so many amazing things on this cruise and you will be interviewed about it during your 7 days.

After submitting your application, if we like what we see we will contact you and set up an interview, usually by Skype, you will be chatting with one of the producers and Matt who is the host, it's an informal interview, after all this is something fun, we will ask you a bunch of questions, there is usually no wrong or right answer so just be yourself and answer honestly. 

After that we will narrow the list down to 5 youtubers that we feel will benefit the most form this experiance

We will also upload all your video interview onto the site here and then the voting will begin. Voting is open to everyone.  The voting will last 1 week then we will announce the final 5 winners who will be going to Miami and onto the Carnival Vista.