The Carnival Triumph  as we live it

Matt, Zach, and Cameraman Bird are on the Carnival Triumph and are posting videos daily and live streaming their experiences.

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Carnival Triumph Cabin 2248 tour

Cruise ship Carnival Triumph Cruise Director Jess from the US. She sits down with me for a chat about what she does on board and why she chose ships life.

Digital scavenger hunt

Matt and Zach join a team for this shipboard fun.

Ships tour

The pixels photo gallery.

Ships tour

The Shore Excursions desk.

Ships tour

The secret on deck 9.

Carnival Triumph Ships tour

Where to smoke on board if you are a smoker... the smoker's tour.

Carnival Triumph Entertainers tour

We get to talk in depth with duo band Liz and Lucas and find out just what it is like living and performing on board.

Carnival Triumph Galley tour

We get to go behind the scenes on the Triumph, check out the galley and talk with the head chef.

A Day of fun in Cozumel - Part 1

We spent an amazing day in Cozumel with Adrian and found out all about this great island. 

A Day of fun in Cozumel - Part 2

We spent an amazing day in Cozumel with Adrian and found out all about this great island. 

We talk with Spenser who is in the newly created Entertainment directors position with Carnival.

A Day of fun in Cozumel - Part 3

We switch from land to sea and head out snorkeling . 

One man, a talent and a passion for entertaining. This is the story of one man who speaks 8 languages, plays several instruments and sings. he is  THE Pianoman

The main show cruise entertainers, we sit down with 3 of them and get to know what it's like living and working on a cruise ship as a singer / Dancer

WHERE IS EVERYONE ???  Tour of the Carnival triumph when no one is aboard - the Ghost tour. We got exclusive access to tour the ship in those few hours between all the guests getting off and the next batch of guests getting on the Carnival Triumph ship. This was eerily quite as we toured the places both in the guest areas and behind them.