Do you want a peek onboard and the ability to look around and ask questions live directly from our group of 6 first time cruisers as we live stream and blog about our cruise on the Carnival magic May 28th - June 4th here and on Facebook live. Ask us to show you any part of the ship that they are allowed access to, ask questions and get honest feedback from us.

Going on the Carnival Magic out of port Canaveral?  Watch this first

Hi there, I'M Matt, I just graduated College and I sure am ready to get out and experiance my 1st cruise. ( do NOT ask about the Panda )


So what is all this about? Weel Myself and 5 other guys that i pursuaded to go with me are  headed off on a fun experience , Our 1st ever cruise. We will be posting live interactive videos, live chats and blogs throughout the 7 days, you will get to watch us get on the cruise and visit foreign lands at the ports.


Thanks to the power of the internet, some creative duct taping, crazy engineering and carnivals kind permission, you get to come along as well. You can ask me and my freinds questions and see how we like the ship and the experience as you get to watch along with us.


We will board the ship for the first time on May 28th around noon eastern time (gmt -5).  I know its early but we just can not wait, we will show you all of our first reactions and tell you what it feels like as we set sail and our first experiances out of the country.  We have no idea what we will do first but we will sure bring you all along for the ride.


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Hope to see your questions in the comments section soon







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