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Sponsorship options

We have several options if you are interested in sponsoring our site and live video streams, We would be happy to work with you to get you the best publicity and return on your sponsorship investment. Below are some examples of sponsorship packages we are currently entertaining. If you have a suggestion or other offer we are happy to look at those as well. Feel free to email marketing@cruiseweek.TV or call 813 575 3559 with your suggestion or for more information, we will be happy to work with you.

Let us introduce you to them

Weekly live shows and daily interactions our audience just keeps growing as we fill a need in cruising.

Each Saturday, at 8pm eastern, we go live with our half hour show streamed on YouTube live, Periscope, Younow, our own website and Facebook live.


With Matt as the host, he learns about cruising by talking to guests on the show that are in or around the cruise industry. From ship's captains, to tour operators and other regular guests we ask them questions related to their field. Viewers also ask questions live in an interactive relaxing and fun show.

Our very 1st show received over 20,000 views in its first 24 hours and over 200 interactive comments. Our 2nd show received 22,000 views in its first 24 hours and 220 comments. By our 12th show that number reached over 100,000 viewers. We are now several shows in and our popularity keeps rising. All the viewers are highly targeted with a genuine interest in cruising. 

We are defiantly causing a buzz and that's something that can help you.


Sponsorships are now available at a per show cost starting at list $290 with product placement starting at just $200. Discounts for monthly and 6 monthly blocks. Copy will be read by the show host so that there is no disconnect between the conversation and the sponsorship ad. Also, we only have 3 sponsorship spots per show and we do not have competing products in the same show. 


To help us work with you to get the best sponsorship options please fill out our sponsorship form here.

Weekly Webshow

From 20,000 to 100,000 viewers in just 12 weeks

5 First time cruisers on a ship and we live streamed it all.

At first the cruise lines told us “NO WAY, there is no chance you are going to bring a big live camera on the ship and follow 5 people around for the entire cruise live streaming everything that happens and we can’t control it ! “

After 6 months of countless talks and discussions, Carnival finally agreed. They took a chance on us and we did it, and ya know what, it turned out okay, better than okay it turned out great. With ½ the ship watching on their phones and tablets as our 5 newbie’s figured out everything from lost luggage to doing laundry, checking out the bars and the ports, people loved to watch and see how our newbie cruisers gained their sea legs.

And we plan on doing it again. In October, this time with the full blessing of Carnival and 5 more guys and girls who will be stepping onto the ship for the 1st time.

You will be able to get in front of everyone watching live through a series of sponsorships.

We did something new and everyone loved it.

The 2nd time is always bigger and better

Amazing opportunities to get in front of Cruise fans

Our demographic market is the 25-34 age range 70% female 30 % male* which are perfect since if you capture their interest in cruising at this early age they have the potential to be lifelong customers for you.


We do these live streamed cruises twice a year usually around May and October time, but are not locked into those months; we are looking to partner with a cruise line for one or more of these trips. We are looking for sponsorship of the following: 


  • Cruise costs on the ship of your choice for the 6 people plus a film crew of 4 ( having all 6 people in 1 cabin would be better for a filming point of view but not strictly necessary)

  • Internet access for the cruise while on the ship.


This sponsorship package lasts 6 months and includes:


  • Rebranding the background images to ships from your fleet.

  • Your ads on the front page of the site in our ad space ( below the about the show )

  • Prominent mentions of your cruise company throughout the site and in details of who we are sailing on.

  • Ability to have pre roll ads for your cruise company on our archived footage.

  • Company logo as a "sponsored by" at the foot of each page linking to your company's website.

  • Mentions by the people on the live stream of the ship and company by name.

  • Ability to offer sit down interviews with your Cruise director or other crew explaining the reasons why cruising with your company is the best.

  • Co- Branded logos on our social media sites.

  • Links to your site from our social media sites.

  • All sponsorships and logos will stay on the site for 6 months and on our Facebook and social media feeds.

  • And MOST important - a LOT of people watching the live stream of 6 people having an AMAZING and fun time on YOUR ships with your company.


Feel free to look over our marketing income data here


If you would like to know more please contact Zac@cruiseWeek.TV or call 813 220 6181


*Data from Google analytics site traffic

 To help us work with you to get the best sponsorship options please fill out our sponsorship form here.
Or call 813 575 3559 

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