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Living as a guest on a cruise ship - Can you make your home on a ship? Part 1

August 24, 2019

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Why I want to be on a cruise ship during a hurricane

August 31, 2019


Ok you may initially think I am crazy but hear me out and you too may change your minds.


I live in Florida so we have dealt with many storms coming though, but I cant just pick up my house and move around the storm, its fixed. I can evacuate but usually im also trying to do that with 1000's of other people at the same time usually by road to an over packed cramped hotel in another state.

A cruise ship IS a luxury floating hotel THAT CAN MOVE. you never hear of a cruise ship riding it out in the middle of a storm, where are they? going around it staying out of its way. The latest storm here set to hit in 3 days is Hurricane Dorian, and already carnival has announced that a few cruises set to be out during that time will have an extended voyage.. on them, so they get an extra 1 or 2 days, staying out of the way of the storm, partying, drinking and eating, defiantly NOT having to check how many candles they have or filling the bathtubs with water. I know where I would rather be.


Another reason is the cruise lines have the best state of the art weather prediction systems and tracking both on the ships and at the shore operations. You better believe they know better and faster than most news sources and can react just as quickly to move the ship to a better location all without the passengers ( you ) ever getting a wive big enough to rock that 5th martini you are drinking on the balcony.


True, some ports you had planned on visiting may change but hey, you will usually get a new port of call, that's the fun of life and the excitement. so sit back enjoy that fact that you have a team looking after you with massive food stores and the ability to turn all that sea water into fresh drinking water. Plus endless entertainment. while others are hunkered down with their pickings from walmart stores maybe without power and AC waiting for the storm to pass.


What are your thoughts on taking a cruise during a hurricane? Let me know


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