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Living as a guest on a cruise ship - Can you make your home on a ship? Part 1

August 24, 2019

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Making a cruise ship your home part 5 - putting a plan together

August 24, 2019

Living on a cruise ship - Part 5



So after a week on Oasis and checking out the living situation and work, I really think I can do this. There are lots to plan but It can be done with a commitment to a lifestyle change, but it would be an upgrade definitely be worth it. So what would the main things you would have to do pre planning?



1: Income, I would need to have a years worth of cruise costs in the bank to start, basically, $144,000 , A bunch of that would go to the initial 90 days and the deposits on the other 9 months to secure the cabin ( Unless I was offered a discount, there seems no reason to fully pay before you have to ) SO that would be the starting capital.


2: Planning the cruise itinerary, ship, and start dates. The last thing you want is the ship to go into dry dock 1/2 way through your first year so check out what plans the ship has, including any potential ship rentals where a company charters the entire ship for a week or more.


3: Choosing the right travel agent. They will be your person on land who will ensure that everything is correct and will help fix any potential issues you may have that come up. Also, I would negotiate a kickback of at least 50% of their commission in return for giving them such a large booking ( Basically 52 weeks of bookings each year. Getting the right person who is easily contactable and can really look out for the best savings and upcoming issues is critical otherwise you will be doing it yourself which can take time from your day.


4:  Downsizing. Gotta sell off a LOT of stuff or give it away, also plan what you will take with you and see how much extra storage space the ship will allow you for items you may rarely need but there isn't room in the cabin for them. what clothes will you take? I would suggest moving everything you will take initially into a separate room in your home and try for a month JUST using those items, removing ones you find you don't need and adding things you forgot.


5: Start talking to the hotel director on the ship. Linkedin will get you in touch or a good contact within the cruise line. they will be able to help you greatly and work with you on so many small things you may need, even more, when you get on board.




6: Sell sell sell, don't wait until the last min to sell major things like a car, you don't want to take a rock bottom price because you leave next week.


7: Set up a mailbox next to the home port, get health insurance, get a doctor near the port and set up as much to be done online as possible. Passports can be got with extra pages for frequent travelers which you may well need, although it may be easier to use the old birth cert and driver license/state ID while that lasts to avoid quickly filling up a passport even if you have one.


Then you are ready, be sure to see all your friends one last time before you go.

So, could you do it? would you do it?   I know I will be planning this for the next few years, let the saving money begin.


See ya on the ships.

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