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Living as a guest on a cruise ship - Can you make your home on a ship? Part 1

August 24, 2019

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Making a cruise ship your home part 3 - missing things and people

August 24, 2019

Can I go and live and work from a cruise ship part 3



One thing to consider before jumping into this new life is how well can you handle being alone. Not that you are physically along on a ship that welcomes 5,400 new guests and has over 1,400 crew on board every week, but emotionally.
You see each week, those new people you have met on board will leave and may not be back for a year if ever, the crew, although much more a stable part of your life, they are usually around for 9 months then they goto a different ship. Longtime friends can be kept in contact with by video chat, phone calls and e-mails but they cant exactly pop over for a quick drink. You may well be the ONLY person who is on the ship for a year or so at a time outside of the crew and although the crew will be very welcoming to you, you are still a guest to them.  So this is something to consider. do you require plenty of familiar faces and things and pets around you or are you perfectly happy entertaining yourself?

One thing you can do is, of course, invite your friends to stay a week in your cabin with you, it will only cost the port fees and maybe a little extra depending on the discounts you get, I am sure there won't be many friends that will say no.

An average home in the USA is between 1600 - 2400 sq ft. the cabin I am in is 160 sq ft. obviously, you will need to get rid of a LOT of things when making a cruise ship your home, this may be harder than you think. you can rent a storage unit on land and put your things in there if you just can't bear to part with them, but even so, you can't bring much with you, even a normal sized wardrobe of clothes won't all fit, but then if you think about it how much of that wardrobe is used weekly? It can be a great reason to really unclutter your life. Asking the hotel director before you get to the ship if they have some extra place to store a few items that won't get used much may get you some extra space onboard, but not too much.


This is why actually working and having a job on the ship will help, you won't be just hanging around going to the same shows and places all the time and this is also why, this week I chose not to sit in my cabin and work but to go to the Starbucks on the royal promenade. I can look up and see people and things happening, I deliberately sat near where the crew orders there drinks so the one that I know from past cruises say hi. I rarely get interrupted by other guests when I am working, partly because I am wearing headphones and partly because they probably look and things oh that poop person, sitting on his computer instead of enjoying himself.

If you are considering this, one of the most important things you can do is visit the ship on a week vacation and talk to the Hotel Director on board. This person is in overall charge of the guest experience on board. Kevin is the HD on the Oasis and has been here for several years, these positions don't change as much as other crew and the people in them tend to remain with a ship for quite a while. You should ask him about the ship the idea and any pitfalls, also about selecting a cabin with the right cabin steward. After all, this person is going to be your main point of contact in your cabin for quite a while and you can become close friends, at least they will be the one person you will see and interact with several times a day.

Consider if you are quick to meet new people and do you want to dine with new people every week or choose a table alone, all this can affect how you interact with people on board after all this isn't just a vacation place its now your home, a neighbourhood with rapidly changing residents.

Further to my week experiment, I am getting more into the rhythm of getting up at 7 am on the ship, showering and heading down to work , the people at Starbucks are getting to know me and know my coffee order, which I think is amazing, the crew is also starting to say hi to me, that crazy guy sitting working early in the morning while everyone else is sleeping. Trading went very well today and i increased one of my accounts by 25% and added another $800 to my weekly pot in another account. I really think this can be done.

Tomorrow - Medical and what you can expect on board.

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