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Living as a guest on a cruise ship - Can you make your home on a ship? Part 1

August 24, 2019

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Making a cruise ship your home part 2 - how to earn money

August 24, 2019

How to make money while living on a cruise ship.



So we covered the costs now let's look at ways to make money while you live in your new floating neighbourhood that is your cruise ship.


Obviously, you can't set up your own store in the ship or sell things to the other passengers but you can do one of the many online businesses that are out there. the internet is connecting the world and that has propagated to the cruise lines. whereas other passengers use the ships high speed internet to watch Netflix and share envy-producing photos and video to share on Facebook, the internet will, for you, become your business pipeline.




One of the most potentially lucrative jobs is day trading, That is what I decided to work on, With day trading you buy and sell stocks and currency. you buy low and sell high is the basic concept, but there is so much more to it than that, it's not super easy but once you learn all the chart setups and understand everything you can easily make $500 - $3000 a day working just a few hours a day. All you need is a computer, a trading account and an internet connection. Your day will start between 7 am and 8 am and usually wrap up around 11- 12 Monday - Friday you can work in your cabin or, as I did, I like o goto the Starbucks on the ship, as they have power there and of course coffee :) and I can watch the goings on in the ship. The staff will quickly get to know you and your coffee preferences and have one ready for you each morning, which is always great.


Of course stock trading is now the only thing you can do on the ship and I recommend you have a couple of sources of income, writing, reviews, running a youtube channel ( I mean what better to talk about than the fact you live on a cruise ship) you get advertising revenue from the videos on youtube and that can be $1000 a month for little investment of time once you start. Other jobs can be selling products where the company drop ship them to your customers. in face anything you can do where you can run it totally online or on the phone. ( Using wifi calling on your phone enables you to use your phone as normal without incurring any extra charges. I can call and text and do everything on my phone like I can on land just by turning on airplane mode then turning back on the wifi and enabling wifi calling)

With so many potential jobs able to be done totally remotely and excellent internet now there is no need to be stuck in one place to work.



For those not too familiar with day trading, there is an excellent resource at Dekmar trades that teaches you all about it.


Almost any work from home online job can translate to doing it on a cruise ship just remember how

much money you will need to generate and how much time you want it to take up.

Of course. where else can you at work, with a nice mudslide and having a parade going by just feet in front of you?



Tomorrow we look at the problems of living on a ship where everyone is always coming and leaving.

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