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Living as a guest on a cruise ship - Can you make your home on a ship? Part 1

August 24, 2019

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Living as a guest on a cruise ship - Can you make your home on a ship? Part 1

August 24, 2019

Can someone move onto, live and work from a cruise ship? We find out.



It sounds like the perfect life. You sail around the world, you work from home, yet your home is a luxury cruise ship with people waiting on your every need.
It can be done, but do you need to already be a millionaire to do it? and what are the downsides? I set off to find out.


Although there is really nothing in the cruise lines terms and conditions stopping you doing it there is also no real plans or guidance from any of the major cruise lines for people wanting to do it. In other words, you're pretty much on your own in planning and preparing. (Using a travel agent who is prepared to kick you back some of their commission in return for such a large booking also helps)


So I guess the first thing to find out is the rough costs of doing such a thing,  After researching the ships and lines I decided on the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the seas and here were my reasons. 

1: They currently have the fastest most reliable internet at sea. A must if you are to run a business and stay in touch while the ship is sailing around.

2: The ship is big but NOT the biggest ship out there. The top of the line ships usually carry a premium price tag for being the newest and the best, The Oasis was the first in the class and as ships surpassed her the cost of a weekly cruise dropped.

3: It's still BIG. I have been on smaller ships and although the crew are great you quickly run out of things to do. A mega ship like Oasis offers plenty of restaurants, activities and areas to spend your days and nights without getting bored of the same thing too quickly. I liken it to selecting a neighbourhood to move into.

4: The cabins are just right. with plenty to choose from. with a great variety of cabin selection on the ship, you can pick a cabin that is right for you and somewhere to call home for a year or more.


What are the costs?



After researching I looked at a boardwalk interior balcony cabin. As it would only be me and as I would be looking for a year or more out I enquired if some changes to the cabin could be made. I was told as long as there are no structural changes then there shouldn't be a problem. By changes I would want more space and to do this , since its just me, I would remove one of the 2 beds and place the other along the wall, opening up a surprisingly large area in the cabin so I would then get a desk to put against the other wall where would become my work area, leaving the original desk free for other stuff like trays or things that I need. It also has a balcony. I chose an interior balcony because its more fun for me to people watch than look at water all the time. 

So what will this piece of homestead on the water cost? well, it averages out at around $2000 per week... Now HOLD up. don't stop reading here thinking you could never afford that. Remember that includes so much more than just "rent"  you would never have to pay for regular drinks, you won't need a car payment or car insurance, you will never pay for gas or goto the supermarket for a weekly grocery trip, you will not pay for entertainment, you will get free high-speed internet and free laundry and you will get free alcohol!! so factor all that into the costs and it becomes less of a hard pill to swallow. 

There are ways to get even more, but the main thing you have to remember is the lines loyalty program. booking that many cruises you will very quickly rise to the top tier of the loyalty program and be afforded all the perks that this includes,  The 2 main ones that will save you time and money are free internet and free full-service laundry. Others include special meals, priority access to shows, extra perks and gifts even upgraded bathroom accessories. think free soap and shampoo.As you see the weekly cost can become your ONLY cost. If you add up all your expenses right now, how close would you come?


What job could I do to make enough money to afford this?


Ok If my weekly cost is $2000 I figure I would need to be making around $3000 a week to be able to do this, you want a little extra each week in the bank to be able to cover unexpected costs or if you want to fly to a different ship ect. So what can you possibly do on a cruise ship in the ocean that could earn you that much money?



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