The Carnival Magic ship, broken down for you...

Matt and Jason take you on an area by area tour and explain each one...

Carnival Magic Serenity Deck - Matt takes a tour around the serenity adult only deck on the Magic

Working hard to capture your memories, the ships photographers can take some amazing photos. Matt gets to talk to "Bobby"

Carnival Magic FULL Tour - This video encompasses all the videos below and offers a long tour of the Magic. Individual videos are listed below

Carnival Magic Tour - Guest services, the best way to skip the line and the best times to come to the desk

Carnival Magic Tour - The hotdog stand, one of the hidden secrets on the Magic

Carnival Magic Tour - The main atrium, the heart of the ship

Carnival Magic Tour - The Main dining rooms, where your waiters serve up amazing foods every night just for you

Carnival Magic Tour - The Piano Bar, where you can ask your amazing pianists to play any song you want

Carnival Magic Tour - The BBQ Pit - open only for a few hours on sea days this is one of those places you may miss but you will be sorry if you do, just look at that line

Carnival Magic Tour - The Plaza Cafe, amazing coffee, with a shot  if you like.

Carnival Magic Tour - The Red Frog pub, based on the old English pubs, probably why John H likes it so much, they even serve pub food in this one, defiantly worth checking out.

Carnival Magic Tour - The Smokers Tour. Where can you smoke on the Magic? And what is the best spot?

Carnival Magic Tour - The Spotlight Lounge, the home of the comedy club and other shows and attractions

Carnival Magic Tour - The taste bar, here you can get samples and appetizers form all the restaurants around the ship.

Carnival Magic Tour - The amazing steak house on the Carnival Magic

Carnival Magic Tour - Vibe nightclub. The most happening place of the ship every night when the sun goes down.

Carnival Magic Tour - The Balloon drop.  On the final night, although not exactly a tour spot, this is something fun you won't want to miss.

Carnival Magic Spa Tour - Jason gets an exclusive look at what is going on on deck 12's Cloud 9 Spa.
Carnival Magic Spa Tour - Matt's favorite bar, the Alchemy bar.

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