Photos by the day -

Saturday May 28th - Day 1 - Embarcation

Matt's first drink
The 1st drink of many many ones he will have
Meeting more people
Cheers to the cheers program
Choices from the Steakhouse
We ate in the streak house the 1st night
More followers
Cruise week followers
Photo with the Facebook Group
Finally meeting all the people we have been talking to online
Ready for the Muster Drill
Matt and Zach start to meet people
Zach and Matt make friends on the ship
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Sunday May 29th - Day 2 - Sea day

Monday May 30th - Day 3 - Costa Maya

Tuesday May 31st - Day 4 - Mahogany Bay

Wednesday June 1st - Day 5 - Belize

Thursday June 2nd - Day 6 - Cozumel

Friday June 3rd - Day 7 - Final Sea Day

Keep checking back, we will be adding new photos several times a day during cruise week.

Meeting Dr E
The cruise director on board Carnival Magic.
The arcade area on the ship
Lido deck on the Magic
Spencer getting changed
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1st Stop - Costa Maya
Random dog, they are all over
If we see a sign we need a picture
Will Spencer ever unpacked
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One amazing Lady 66 cruises
Dinner in the main DR
Taking a pic of the ship
The beach area
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Spencer meets the locals
Immersion time for Spencer
Walking on the streets or Belize
Culture shock
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2 ships in port
Darn we need a taxi
Into the locals area
Our ship at rest
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Jeff at Cat in the Hat
New friends
At breakfast with Jeff
It's that guy again
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Past CruiseWeeks

Jason meets towel animal
Jason meets one of the Carnival towel animals in his cabin #CruiseweekTV
Wild fun in the water park
Fun on the water park at the rear of the Carnival Sunshine ship #CruiseweekTV
What a view
Nothing like waking up in the morning and heading to the top deck to see where you are and take in the view and the glorious sunshine.
The boys from cruiseweek pose for a photo #CruiseweekTV
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