Past Shows.

Ep1 - We talk with guest Chali, she runs a 72,000 person cruise Facebook groups the Carnival Cruisers Past Present & Future group, we find out all about it.

Ep3 - In this day and age of easy access and the internet, why would anyone need a travel agent? why not book direct? Well in this episode Matt finds out all about just what travel agents can offer.

Ep5 - We are talking Jamaica today with local Jamaican resident born and raised Javia Shaw - We take a deep dive into Jamaica, its tourist spots its landscape and its drugs.. fin Javia shaw at

Ep7 - Comedians on cruise ships - We talk with Rob Little about life as a comedian on the cruise ship circuit.

Ep9 - Sex, Lies and cruising. We talk to the author of this book all about life below decks. This is the book available on amazon click here

Ep11 - Jack's Shack and Grand Turk. We talk to one of the islands natives who has one of the most popular bars on the beach and find out all about this tropical paradise.

Ep13 - Majesty of the seas and the port of Galveston. We talk to three cruisers that are on the majesty of the seas They can answer all your questions about this and royal Caribbean. Then Chali will talk to you about the port of Galveston.

Ep15 - Our guest is Carnival cruise director Jaime Dee, we take our questions and do a deep dive into the life of a cruise director. You don't want to miss this.

Ep17 - Our guest is Ron hiller, long time cruiser and vblogger. We find out how cruise ships have changed and what happened when his group was involved in an evacuation from the ship. Also, Chali is back and talking food and dining etiquette on cruise ships.

Ep19 - We take a deep dive into the cruise ship entertainment on Carnival ships, we talk with veteran cruiser Chali and get her input and advice on all the entertainment that ships offer.

Ep21 -Spring break on the Carnival Triumph. We take you onto the ship and behind the scenes with us as we explore, document and interview guests and crew on board. Thanks to and for their sponsorship

Ep23 -Passports vs Birth certs with passport expert Jim Ferrell, also Jess from the US drops by from her cabin on the Triumph


Ep25 - Super packed show, Chali is live on the carnival Valor with her Diva's Cruise, CD Jess from the US comes to us from the Carnival Triumph, another viewer is featured in our Photo of the week and our main guest tonight is Josh " Big sexy" Waitzman CD turned PVP


Ep27 - We go behind the scenes on Carnival and meet Adam Hoepfinger, who is responsible for the shows and the entertainment on board. Plus, we check in with Jess from the US and Chali


Ep 29 - Most of us have no disabilities, but what if you do? how do less abled cruisers manage and what do the cruise ships offer to make the cruise easier for these people? we find out on this show.


EP 31 - The good, the bad and the ugly of Belize and Belize City by cruise ship.


EP 33 - Cruise director Frankie, Cruise news, Photo of the week and packing for a cruise with Chali.


EP 36 - How to check out your ship before you ever set foot on it.


EP 38 - Oasis cruise ship live special. Bird is on Oasis of the seas and teams up with Joe and guest, Executive Chef Stefan Larsson to bring you an inside view of this amazing megaship.

EP 40 - Travel agents and how to get the best out of them with our special guest Debbie Smith from Cruise Planners.

EP 42 -Why do people cruise, we ask our viewers and find out.

EP 45 -Falling off cruise ships, Cruise news and we meet Cruise Vlogger Josh Hocum.

EP 47 -We take a close look at the Carnival Horizon, Carnivals newest ship.

EP 49 -It's all about cruising to Alaska this week where we talk to our guest and tour guide from Alaska Excursions.

EP 51 -Bonaire - one of the lesser known but still amazingly beautiful islands in the Caribbean. We get to explore it with the locals that live there.

EP 53 -We talk with cruise blogger duo "The cruise dudes" Lucas and CD Chris " "The flying Scotsman" give us a look below the crew decks on the ships, The latest cruise news and your questions about cruising.

EP 55 -We have our guest Carnival John Heald live on the show, We find out johns background and answer a bunch of viewer questions.  We also give away the carnival prize to one lucky winner.

EP 57 -Welcome to 2018 - we take a deep dive into the port and island of St Thomas by cruise ship with our guests from and hear al bout the tips and tricks for having an amazing time on the island, the hurricane and the rebuilding as the ships start to return.

EP 59 -Cruising from the west coast. We look at the options and ports with our Guest Sheri from Chali also covers the different types of Cruise cabins and what may be best for you. 

EP 61 -Cruising to key west via cruise ship we take a look at this southernmost point of the USA and 10 things you should know about visiting it.

EP 63 -10 things you must know about Costa Rica when traveling by cruise ship, with our guest from Costa Rica Tours.

EP 64 -how safe is it to visit Cozumel by cruise ship in 2018 after the ferry bombings. We find out

EP 66 - Cruising to Curacao , we talk to the locals and find the best tour spots for you

EP 68 - Cruising to Puerto Rico - with our tour guides form El Tour Guise Puerto Rico

EP 70 - The Reboot, We are back and talking about the hurricane, buttergate and cruising.

EP 72 - Cruise ships comedians - Our 3rd co-host joins us, Comedian Rob Little, In this show we find out about life at the comedy club onboard a cruise ship

Ep2 - We talk with Adrian, born and raised in Cozumel we find out about this amazing island and get some great tips and tricks.

Ep4 - Looking at Royal Caribbean we talk with Matt Hochberg to find out all about the things Royal ships have to offer

Ep6 - We are talking Crew life, with past RCL crew member and Aussie from down under, Pippa. She worked as a dealer on Royal and gives us a peak behind crew life onboard.

Ep8 - 1st timer cruiser stories - We talk with Spencer that went on Cruiseweek Season one. We look back at why this changed his life.

Ep10 - World traveler, Author who started off as a waiter on Carnival cruise ships and has worked on every Major cruise line out there - we talk to Brian David Bruns author of the hit series Cruise Confidential - Click here for amazon link 

Ep12 - Kelley Brewer is Live on the Carnival Vista and takes us on a tour and answers your questions as she walks the ship. If you want to know about the Carnival Vista this is one to watch.

Ep14 - The port of St Martin - Our guest today is Bernard who runs a tour company on the island. he tells us about its history and the amazing fun things to explore when your there.

Ep16 - Our guest is Drexel from Roatan culture tours and we take a deep dive into Roata today to find out more about this amazing island.

Ep18 - Our guest is Amanda Hawthorne who spent several years as part of the crew on several lines, then became a recruiter for new crew members. If you have wondered how people apply for a cruise job and the many positions available watch this show., 

Ep20 - We a tour of Anthem of the seas live with Ron Hiller and talk to Mason McCloud from the crew of the Disney Fantasy cruise ship

Ep22 -Matt is back from the cruise on the Triumph and shares his trip with Joe


Ep24 -We visit with Sheri from Cruise Tips TV this week and find out all about her amazing cruise channel


Ep26 - We take a deep dive into Cuba this week with Haliee who was on Royal Caribbean's first cruise there. she answers your questions about what it is live there, how to handle the visa's and what are the locals like. Matt H is in as Joe's Co-Host and will be talking all about Symphony of the seas. Whew, it's a packed show.


Ep28 - We go to Costa Maya this week and find out about the island from one of the natives living there, Matt Hochberg is back to tell us all about Izumi restaurants on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships and our last Crazy complaint corner.


Ep 30 - A viral and fun video shot by cruisers on a cruise ship with no setup or staging. amazing. We talk to the producer of this video. Also, we talk to past crew member of Anthem and now author of 12 hours in Havana, one of the 1st tour guides to cuba. .


EP 32 - 5 Myths of Travel insurance and your questions answered.


EP 35 - Don't pay more than you have to , import duty coming back from a cruise ship.


EP 37 - Decorating your cabin doors on cruise ships is a thing, we dig into this trend and find out the how and why with Barb Parsons.


EP 39 - An interview with Cruise Director Jen Baxter in England, the news another Below becks segment and much much more.

EP 41 -Everything you ever wanted to know about what a ships Pilot does

EP 44 -Working and performing on the Oasis of the seas Aqua show..

EP 46 -We talk to our guest Ships Comedian Lucas Bohn

EP 48 -10 things about the Carnival dream from a guest actually on board with Jeffery Pooler.

EP 50 -Freeport in the Grand Bahamas by cruise ship. we talk to the local guides to get the details about this area and what awaits you when your ship docks.

EP 52 -A deep dive into the Majesty of the seas, from one cruiser that is on the ship every weekend. How does he do it and how does he like the ship, we find out right here.

EP 54 -We take a deep dive into the island and port of St Lucia this week with our guest, Travel vlogger Halee and we have an in-studio guest, CruiseingKat 

EP 56 - A Christmas deep dive into Nassau by cruise ship with our tour guide guest "Simply Dave" We take a look at the island of Nassau and whats available.

EP 58 -All about Aruba by cruise ship with 2 special guests this week, both live and work on the island and are here to answer all your Aruba questions. our guests are from and 

EP 60 -NCL A deep dive into their cruise ships. The 3rd most popular cruise line, we take a look at it and why you may want to give it a try.

EP 62 -10 differences between cruising in the USA and cruising in Australia with our guest, Cruise director Lee Mason.

EP 64 -We found a 98-year-old active cruiser! and just had to talk to him about why he loves cruising.

EP 65 - New happenings at coco cay - cruise ship heaven

EP 67 - A close look at Symphony of the seas, Royals newest ship.

EP 69 - The Carnival Valor an on ship cruise review

EP 71 - Biard and Carnival Cruise Director Jaime Dee host the show and talk about life working on a cruise ship..

EP 73 - Big ships vs small ships - Matt is back from a cruise and will be in the studio to talk about that and whether you should choose a big ship or a small ship for your cruise.


EP 73 - Cruising form the West coast with Guest Drew and co host Jamie

EP 74 - This to do and NOT to do before a cruise

EP 75 - Cruising with kids  with special guest Sharon at Sea

EP 76 - Jaime's top 5 recommended cruise ports to visit in 2020

EP 77 - CoronaVirus Covid-19 the truths and myths for your upcoming cruise.

EP 78 - Back from the cruise ship - How Carnival is handeling the coronavirus onboard..