Zac ,Jake, Vlad, Nick and Corey on Majesty Of The Seas -
"The Halloween" cruise.....

We were once again invited to check out Royals Majesty of the Seas, Just having been on Oasis of the Seas, which is one of their biggest ships, we checked out Majesty which is one of their smallest ships. Cameramen Zac grabbed some of his friends and we headed out on a Halloween adventure, including Nassau and Coco Cay and we came back with some amazing videos...

Being a cruise director sounds like a dream job, but what does it mean to be in charge of the staff that takes care of the guests? I got to sit down with "Cruizin Susan" The cruise director on Majesty of the seas and see what the job is all about...

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We were on the floor of the Quest game show to bring you exclusive video from the Halloween cruise on Majesty of the Seas

Ways a cruise director can directly affect your cruise - we sit down with the current Majesty Of The Seas Cruise Director Ricky Matthews and get to the nuts and bolts of his job