The Boys experiences each day 

For our 1st time cruisers each day is a brand new experience and adventure on the cruise ship Carnival Magic. Each evening we ask the boys to sit and tell us about their experiences on the ship and on the Ports.

Day 7 - The final Sea day. The boys look back over the amazing 7 days on the Carnival Magic and even have fellow guests join in.
Day 4 - Mahogany Bay - Spencer heads off on his own the others head to the beach and check out the wildlife.
Day 5 - Belize. Spencer visits the locals, Matt, Zach, Jason and Jeff go cave tubing. Matt gets something hot and dangerous.
Day 1 - Embarkation, the boys see the ship for the 1st time and step onboard. How did they like it and what were there 1st impressions from these newbie cruisers.
Day 3- Costa Maya, the 1st time the boys have stepped off on another country. Spencer's eyes are opened wide.
Day 2 - The 1st full day out at Sea. The boys get to explore the ship and start to make friends.
Day 6 - Cozumel, the boys are now 6 days in and Cozumel is their final stop on the trip, what will they find in this busy tourist area.

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