Season One Shipmates



We got to head to the ship on May 28th 2016 and had the experience of a lifetime!  Of course you know very little about us so we put together the following information for you to look at. Click on the image of each of us to watch a video and read about us and what we thought our 1st cruise will be like.


Matt (that's me), Jeff and Jason are all roommates, Zach is my boyfriend, Zac is a good friend of ours and the camera guy then Spencer.... well you will have to read and ask him all about himself.

Our equipment

So we got asked many times what equipment did you use to do this?

Well we used a custom rig comprising of a JVC HD200 camera. this is capable of shooting in 4K is fairly small and compact but can also live stream. On top of that I mounted a custom righ to hold the wirless mic receiver for 2 seperate channels of wirless mics, a 2nd boom mic and an iphone. the phone works as a 2nd screen enableing me to see whats being said on facebook or anywhere there is a chat room associated with the live stream. the 2 mics and 2 channels of wirless let me mix and match the audio depending on the situation. on the top is a 4g wirless acess point but can also be switched for a portable router enabaling me to generate a hotspot from the ships wifi and run all my devices.

On top of this I can also use my iphone in a custom mount with a wide angle lens to either record or live stream but sadly not both at the same time.

For editing the videos to post to the site of course I used a laptop so you can see we brought quite a bit of equipment with us.

We also had a go pro ( see pic of Matt wearing it )

If you have any technical questions feel free to ask me.

With all the gear and some access to powerfull web servers back on land we were able to bring you live video like this below from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean.