Join us on the Carnival Vista
CruiseweekTV carnival vista 2017
CruiseweekTV carnival vista 2017
CruiseweekTV carnival vista 2017
CruiseweekTV carnival vista 2017

Do you have questions? We hope this page will answer most, if not all of them. If it doesn’t, look at the bottom of this page. You may ask any questions directly to us. We will be happy to answer.

How are people chosen?

You fill out your application and submit a great video explaining why you would be perfect for this. The production team will look through all the videos and maybe even contact you with follow up questions. If you look good at that point we will forward you to round 2. Picked by your peers. Once we have narrowed it down to the 20 best, we will put all the application videos and selected details on our site and have people vote who had supported Season 2. The 5 with the top votes will get to make up the cast for season 2.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes.  The application will need to be filled out by both applicants and you will both be voted on as a couple , in other words you will both be chosen or neither of you will be chosen.  The video submitted must also include both applicants when applying.

Where do we sleep?

The cast of 5 get to share a large suite on the Carnival Vista ship. Possibly in the Havana area. The crew get much more meager cabins probably without windows.  But don’t worry about us, we have all done this before.

Do I need a passport?

No.  Passports are preferred method of travel in case something happens and you have to come home another way. The ship will accept a Government Issue photo ID and birth certificate.

E-Mail us your questions here:

When will the lucky 5 be chosen?

Early September is when we will be announcing the winners. The week before is when we will announce the 20 finalists.

If I am selected can my friends and family watch?

Yes. Everything will be live streamed onto YouTube, Facebook and CruiseWeek.TV website.  It is available for all to watch.