What started off as 5 friends going on a simple cruise has become more, so much more....

The idea was simple, let's go on a cruise for our 1st time and live stream it.
Who would have thought that a simple idea like that would end up with us working with not one but 2 of the largest cruise lines in the industry, a weekly live show and several cruises all documented? 


It all started back in 2016 when we decided to go onto the Carnival Magic and we approached carnival for the ok to live stream the event, initially, the response was a no, well more like a HELL NO. But we persevered and eventually, we were given the green light to do it. Charles, AKA "Bird" was our tech and camera guy, being super geeky he took on the role to make sure everything we did was documented and streamed, he also set up this site.


Well without going into all the details, the trip and the live stream was a great success, so many people watching and we had so much fun and experienced so many new things that we decided to do the 2nd one with a whole new group of 1st timers. We have this planned for October 2017.


In the meantime, Bird suggested we try doing a weekly live web show with Matt as the host, of course, Matt had only been on the one cruise and that was the Magic in 2016, our 1st cruise, so he was hardly experienced. That was when we realized he didn't have to be, in face him learning right along with everyone watching was the key to a fresh new show. So Bird converted a room in his place into a "studio" and Cruiseweek.TV live was born.  


Our 1st show was rough but we had a guest, the wonderful Chali who runs the CCPPF Facebook group, little did we know she would later become Matt's co-host and help us so much in finding guests for the show, we couldn't have asked for a better 1st guest, and the show brought in over 20,000 viewers, wow we were impressed. Since then we have had guests pretty much every week from all areas of cruising, from cruise directors to travel agents, tour operators, and authors. We have expanded our show, adding Joe as a host alternating weeks with Matt so he can take a break and adding segment producers like Carnival cruise director Jess from the US. We are about to split the show with Joe focusing mostly on Royal Caribbean items with his co-host Matt Hochberg from the RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com  while Matt and Chali, along with Jess, focus on Carnival cruise items. Wow, all this in less than 20 weeks...


It's a wild ride and we are just getting started.

So who are we.....

I'm Matt.


22 years old and moved to Tampa from Orlando about a year ago, I just graduated college with a degree in MicroBiology and I currently work at a small brewery designing yeast cultures to engineer new types of sour beer. Yep, science and beer in the same day, I have a great job.

I am pretty much an introvert which is odd considering I now do a popular cruise web show and go on ships and interview people but I really am. I never thought I would be doing anything like this but I am told i have a knack for it and I must admit I do like the attention. Together with "Bird" we started cruiseweek.TV

I'm Joe.


26 years old and I live in Orlando, I commute up to Tampa every other week for the show, my main job, believe it or not, is a crematorium operator. Yep, people are always surprised since I'm pretty happy and outgoing. Bird always says it's useful to have that one friend that knows how to dispose of a body and that, would be me. I have probably been on the most cruises so far out of everyone, a Total of 6 and I was asked by Bird and matt to be one of the hosts as I also have my own non-cruise related blog called "A walk with Joe" all about traveling. I am looking forward to October for our season 2 cruise as it will be the first one I have been on with CruiseWeek.TV

I'm "Bird".


At 48 years old I am the tech behind the scenes, the producer if you will, I have always loved computer's and technology when the opportunity came up to live stream the cruise I jumped on it, I got to design and put together all sorts of cool tech for it to make sure the streams worked. Although I joke and say I have a Face suited more to radio than TV I have produced a few tech episodes for Cruiseweek.TV to help people with their tech toys while on board. I put each show together during the week and gather the guests, make sure their connections are good and ready for Saturday's show and also post the videos after it's complete. During the cruises, you can usually find me in the cabin editing the videos ready to post.

I'm Chali.


I run the Facebook group "Carnival Cruisers, Past Present, and future"I was approached by Bird before their 1st cruise and asked if it was ok if they posted the live videos to my group. I immediately saw the value for all our members and agreed. Lots of our members loved the season one live videos, then soon after they had returned Bird again approached me and told me they were about to start a weekly show all about cruising with live guests and would I do them the honor of being their 1st guest. I agreed but I was extremely nervous, anyway, I managed to get through the show and I did enjoy it. several weeks on Bird again talks to me and asks if I would be interested in being a co-host with Matt on the show and do a segment every other week covering a cruise topic, Of course, I had to upgrade my computer equipment for my phone to a real computer and move to a better location, my bedroom but I am now part of the Cruiseweek.TV team and loving it.

I'm Cruise Director "Jess from the US".


I am currently the Cruise director on the Carnival Triumph I have worked for Carnival now for just over a year and I am loving it. I met Matt and Bird when they came onto my ship and filmed everything, they were running all over and I thought what an amazing cool concept, of course, they interviewed me ( https://youtu.be/YIUEvXOEEHs ). After the cruise, I was chatting with Bird on Facebook and I mentioned I would love to do a segment on the show, he jumped at the chance and my first segment was on my cabin and every other week I will be producing a video showing you behind the scenes on a cruise ship. If you have something you want to see you can, of course, contact me on my Facebook page https://facebook.com/jessfromtheus and I will be happy to make a video about it if I can.

Together we make up CruiseWeek.TV