5 things you MUST do 48 hours before your cruise sails

You’re going to have an all around better cruise if you start out on the right foot. In order to do this, it’s important not to forget anything. Which we know almost impossible with the busyness of day to day life. That’s why we created a list of the five most important things to do 48 hours before your cruise.

1. Research Your Ports of Call

How you spend your days in port can completely make or break your cruise experience. Every island is a little different, so it’s important to do your research beforehand. Some ports are better for shopping while others might have amazing beaches. Once you decide how you want to spend the day, figure out the best way to get there. We have found the cheapest way to get around is by taking a cab. Cab fares usually run $4-$8 a person. A little safety tip we tell everyone is to find your cabin right at the dock. They should have a badge stating their official credentials. Another popular option is to rent a car, however, this may cost you up to $150 for the day. If you want to take an excursion we recommend booking it ahead of time, because popular excursions are likely to sell out.

2. Call Your Credit Card Company

No matter where you’re going it’s important to let your credit cards company. That way your card isn’t declined for being “out of zone.” Also, check to see what kind of foreign transaction fees your bank charges. If your bank does charge extra fees it may be beneficial to sign up for a travel credit card, especially if you cruise a lot.

3. Check in online

Checking in online will make it the process of getting onto the ship so much faster. You can usually check in online as soon as your trip is paid in full. Don’t forget to print off your boarding passes as well. When you’re boarding the ship have your boarding documents and passport ready in hand. Putting these items in your checked bag can cause unnecessary amounts of stress, and might even make you miss the ship.

4. Be Prepared

Cruise ship catastrophes are few and far between, but they do happen. If you take prescription medicine bring enough to last two weeks. That way if anything happens you won’t be without it. The same goes for seasick medicine. No one is my family needs it, but we bring some anyways. That way if the need ever occurs we won’t need to pay $20 on board to get some. Most ships do have laundry services, though it is very expensive. You’re going to be better off having enough clothes to last the entire trip. The ship will provide beach towels and basic bath products, but most people are going to prefer their own.

5. Bring a Day Bag

When you first arrive on board you’re not going to have access to your luggage. Make sure you put anything you will need for the first few hours with you. In our day bag, we like to bring a swim suit, medicine, sunblock, clothes for dinner, and our electronics. Cruise luggage isn’t lost as frequently as airline luggage, but it is tossed around. We have found it better to be safe than sorry with valuables. Having a broken camera is no way to start out a vacation.

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