25 Things you MUST do for a stress free cruise

We have compiled a list courtesy of posts on FB and other groups, of 25 things that will really help you stay out of trouble on your next cruise or make your cruise much more stress free.

Make sure that your bank and credit card company are aware that you will be out of the country. They will note it on your account so you won't be flagged for fraudulent activity.


If you need postcards, go to the guest services.......they have ones with the picture of the ship for free. Guest services may also have stamps of the different countries that you are going to.


If you need aspirin, seasick pills or a variety of general medications, check the medical bay deck where the waiting room is for the doctor. There are free samples for the taking in individual packets. There is also a scale in case you need to weigh your suitcase or yourself.


In the casino, they will give you a lanyard as well as punch a hole in your S&S card for you. (It is very usefull to carry your S&S card around their neck on a lanyard).



The couch in your cabin has drawers built in underneath for extra storage.


There is lots of room under the bed to store all your suitcases (and dirty laundry).


There are steam rooms, saunas and showers in the SPA area (hot tubs too on some ships) and they are free to use by all guests. Good place to take a shower if you have multiple people in your cabin trying to get ready for formal night all at once.


As soon as you get on board make all your spa appointments. You should make your hair appointments for formal night also because they book up fast. You can call from your room or just go up and make your appointments in person.



You can bring a reasonable amount of wine and soda on board,


At the Captain's cocktail party or at the past guest party instead of drinking the drinks the waitress walks around with you can ask her for whatever you want or just go up to the bar in the room the party is in. IT IS STILL FREE!!!


You can order as many entrees as you want in the dining room.




Children under 12 can get soda with their dinner for free in the dining room.



You can order a whole pizza at the pizza stand with whatever toppings you want. It takes about 10 minutes but it’s worth it. The pizza place makes a great Cesar salad. 



There is 24 hour soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt available on Lido.


If you have the souvenir glass you can order any frozen drink as a refill not just the drink of the day. You will get the drink, but in a bigger glass.



The gold and silver that they sell by the inch are plated not solid - beware.


If you forget to pack anything (ex. toothpaste) ask your room steward if they have any sample sizes or you can check the gift shop.


 You can ask your room steward for a foam egg crate pad for the bed, extra blankets or pillows.


If you like to check your email, share photos on social media or text message friends & family, most ships now have wireless and you can bring your laptop, smart phone or tablet. Many ships now have unlimited, tiered internet plans so check what your ship offers before you connect.


If you have early embarkation to the ship (before the cabins are ready) proceed directly to the lido deck for a buffet lunch. 


Cross pack everyone's clothes; that way if a piece of luggage gets lost everyone will still have clothes to wear.


Bring your bathing suit and a change of clothes in your carry on. Sometimes it takes a while for you to get the rest of your luggage. Some people just wear their bathing suit under their clothes so they can enjoy the pool and hot tubs as soon as they get on the ship.


If you play blackjack, one secret to keep in mind is the Fun21 table- there are NO QUEENS in the deck.


When the ship is in port you can always come back on the ship to drop off packages, get changed or have lunch/dinner on board and you can leave the ship again. Just remember to be back a half hour before the ship leaves.


Look for specials in the spa on port days. There is also happy hour at the bars on port days.


When the lights start to dim in the dining room this means entertainment is coming. Make sure you have your camera ready.


Make copies of your passport, credit cards and photo ID in case you lose the real things.


Put down a towel on an aft balcony chair if you are wearing white. There is a light layer of soot from the exhaust stack and it shows on white clothing.



Bring a Cell phone, tablet, camera chargers. Don't forget to also bring a multi-plug adapter - there is only one plug in your cabin on the desk/vanity. This must NOT be a surge protection device (they mess with the power supply on ships).


Take an Extension cord because there are limited outlets in the cabin.


Save time with a Hot/Cold cup with a lid. That way you don't have to keep refilling their little cups with lemonade, juice, and coffee or ice tea.  


Pack an Extra bathing suit so you don't have to put on a wet suit while your other one dries


Take a Cheap plastic watch so you are not late getting back to the ship. A cell phone will often pick up data from the local area and adjust to local time so do NOT rely on your phone to know what the ships time is.











We all want a stress free cruise vacation, after all thats the whole idea of taking one in the first place. With a little planning and this list you can hit the pool the bars and the lido deck stress free.

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Matt, The Geek

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Jeff - The Loud Mouth

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Zaccie, The Techie

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Jason, The Flirt

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Spencer, The quiet one

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