Matt's Cruise Tips...

After 7 days on the ship we asked 1st time cruiser Matt, to share tips that he learned while on the ship and talking to experienced cruisers...

1st time tips: Cabin lights shut off and you need your sail and sig card to keep them on, save the hassle with this simple trick

1st time tips: Save a corkage fee and bring on your own wine.

1st time tips: Going to the Caribbean?  Pack MORE not less. Matt explains why you want to do this.

1st time tips: A $2 socket adapter opens up a whole range of extra sockets, don't bring a power strip with a surge protector if you want to keep it.

1st time tips: Hidden Hotdog stand 

1st time tips: Carnival Magic. On most Carnival ships they have a taste bar. It's a great way to sample the various foods on board before you order. It's never that busy and great if you want a small snack between meal but don't want something like a burger or tacos

1st time tips: This one is for the Carnival Magic and the Carnival Dream ships. The decks 5 hot tubs.

1st time tips: What to do if you receive THE LETTER. This means you have run out of money on your sail and sign account, here are some tips to help you.

1st time tips: Bags sometimes get misplaced, this tip will help if that happens to you.

1st time tips: Free cash advance and save a wait in line at guest services.

1st time tips: Ran out of clothes? don't head to the ships store just to buy some clean ones, head to the onboard laundry.

1st time tips: In cabin shower gels and hangers for your wet clothes

1st time tips: When your amazing vacation is finally over these debarkation tips will help keep you relaxed as you depart.

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