10 things you MUST NOT do on a cruise

OK, so  doing ALL of these every time and you MAY get away with still having an ok cruise , but if anything goes wrong you could end up paying for it BIG TIME, read on and see what pearls of wisdom we have for you that just may save your wallet or even your life.

Check for every possible discount.


There are so many discounts available on the mass-market cruise lines that it may actually be impossible to find them all. Examples include extra passenger bargains, discounts for departing from your home state or states nearby, and even discounts for owning stock in the cruise line. The rule is always check more than one source before settling on a rate.


10 - DON'T wait until the end of your cruise to check your account for onboard credits

You worked hard to get discounts and onboard credits when you booked. Don’t forget to check your account once you board the ship to make sure you got them.


9 - DON'T start thinking about your passport the day you pack your suitcase

Your carefully planned trip could fall apart before you board the ship if you show up without your passport, passport card, or birth certificate. 


8 - DON'T forget to pack a small carry-on with essentials that will allow you to jump right into cruise activities. 

Your luggage will arrive at your stateroom eventually, but it’s hard to let the kid's burn off their travel excitement in the ship’s pool if you have to wait on their swimsuits to arrive. Pack or wear whatever clothing items you will be comfortable in for the afternoon on the ship. And don’t forget important meds and toiletries to spruce up a bit before dinner.


7 - DON'T arrive last minute -

Cruise ships don’t wait for anyone, so if your flights delayed or you get stuck in traffic the ships going to leave without you. If you’re flying in we always recommend doing so the day before. The cost of a hotel room is well worth it to avoid the risk of missing the ship.


6 - DON'T use your cell phone to make calls while at sea  

You can use your cell phone on a cruise ship but it’s going to cost you. Cell phone charges can be as high as five dollars a minute or $15 a megabyte for data. If you do have to contact family and friends on board we suggest you purchase an Internet package directly from the cruise ship and text message a friend with the free app. It’s going to save you a lot of money. Several ports in the US Virgin Islands will let you make calls for free just check with your cell phone provider. iPhones with the latest version of IOS can make WIFI calling now, using the ships wifi package to make and receive calls. Put your phone on Airplane mode, then turn on just wifi.


5- DON'T buy bottled water

If you purchase a bottle of water from the dining room it can cost you as much is $4 a bottle. Having your server bring you a glass of tap water is going to be much more cost-effective. Even if you don’t ordinarily like tap water give it a chance. Cruise ship waters highly filtrated, so it taste a lot different. Most cruise lines also give you the option to bring bottled water on board with you or you can order it online and have it brought to your room on embarkation day.


4 - Avoid the tender rush

If your ship is tendering to an island one day avoid the tender rush by arriving as early as possible or wait till after ten. Between 8 to 10 the crowds are going to be crazy long. We like to go for an early morning swim and have breakfast before going to the island. The pool crowds are extremely reasonable because everyone will be headed to Port. If you’re late to an excursion they may go without you. 


3 - Stay away from the main pool

The most crowded area on a cruise ship is the pool. For those who like to spend most of their vacation lounging by the pool book a cruise on one of the bigger ships. They have several pools so the crowds are more spread out.


2 - Stay away from guest services

If you have to stop and talk to guest services do it before the last night of the cruise. I’ve seen guest service lines have up to a two-hour wait, and that’s no way to end a vacation. You can check your bill anytime on the TV in your room or at the automated Kiosks around the ship


1 - DON'T go without insurance.

GET the insurance from someone. - Shop around but the insurance packages cover many things, the 2 main things you want covered are your belongings (Most cruise lines only cover up to $50 a bag, most insurance plans cover upto $500 a bag.) The 2nd one is medical. One of our party got sick on the ship and the medical on board is limited at best with insurance you can see a more complete care facility at a port or be airlifted home without a $50,000 bill waiting for you, and YES, it can happen, our friend spent a week in the hospital when he got home. Insurance is cheap, often $30-$40 and worth the peace of mind.

Fun on the high seas!! A group of 6 first time cruisers hit the pool deck, fun and the alcohol. What new experiences will they have??  How will they enjoy 7 amazing days on a ship?  Will anyone end up with a hangover?  Watch their excitement as they are put together on a ship for the very first time cruising?? "Who will miss the ship leaving the port? Who will end up with a $2500 Sign and Sail bill at the end of the cruise?